Grow your sales.

Shelf has helped the average retailer increase sales by 11%.

Save time.

Shelf has helped managers decrease time spent ordering by over three and half hours a week.

Decrease waste.

Shelf on average increases your bottom line by 7% by decreasing waste.

Are you struggling?

When you run out of food, customers don't come back.

You ran out?  Customers are disappointed.  They are now 63% less likely to ever return.  Most shop owners believe they need to run out of product by the end of the day, but they're effectively just chipping away at their customer base.

Are you overstocking?

Who likes disappointing a customer?  No one.  So we over compensate, and load up the shelves.  Or we just haven't had the time to adjust our order, so the orders aren't quite tuned.  By how much?  The average food retailer is wasting 32% of their product.  Shelf can decrease your shrink to 18%.

Are you storing your orders in excel?

To effectively adjust your orders, you need to look at the combination of historical data, as well as outside factors like weather, school schedules, holidays, etc.  Going with your gut is costing you a lot of money.  If you want to do it right with a spreadsheet, you likely need a degree in stochastic modeling.