Profit maximizing orders

Prediction engine

Shelf Engine uses historical sales data and receiving data, as well as your product margins. Given this data, several considerations are computed in the prediction model, including seasonality, volatility, and gross profit by product.

Finely tuned order

Shelf Engine delivers you an exact order for each one of your vendors. Whether you have standing orders or you manually order, Shelf Engine will generate the order, and you have the choice to automate the order.

Ingesting your data


Sync with your system

Shelf Engine can sync directly to your point of sales and your receiving data.



Use the App

Enter your deliveries and your waste everyday.


Managing your orders



You can ditch the spreadsheets. Create and store all your orders for all of your vendors and access them anytime from any device.


Forget phone calls and emails. Shelf Engine automatically submits orders to your vendors.


Clearly and easily view or edit all of your order and waste history.

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