You don’t need another

We’re not an expensive bolt on software system that promises better orders. Shelf Engine intelligent forecasting uses machine learning and probabilistic models to generate the most accurate orders for your stores. So accurate, we guarantee your sales.

Here’s how it works...

Guaranteed Sales

Call us what you want... Shelf Engine is set-up as a vendor at your store.
This means we don’t charge you for what doesn’t sell—and you only pay for the items that do.


Shelf Engine applies a markup to each SKUs. Good news: This markup is less than your shrink, which means you start saving on day one.

How is it generated? The markup is based on: shelf life, gross margin, and other aspects related to the category and the SKU.

Example Pricing

Supplier's Price Shelf Engine's Price
Cut Pineapples $3.69 $4.66
Chicken Sandwich $4.25 $4.71
Baguette $1.25 $1.52
Yogurt $1.83 $1.92


Based on data ingested from your store daily and external data sets, Shelf Engine generates new probabilistic models for each unique SKU—for every store, every day. These models are translated into profit maximization models to create the perfect order.

The probabilistic models are fed by vector autoregressive multivariate time series models that use a massive array of data sets, along with machine learning based dependent models to catch every possible swing in the wild world of retail.


Shelf Engine is already set-up with hundreds of vendors and distributors. We can also work with any of your current suppliers. Whether it’s DSD or self-distributed—we’ve got you covered.

Suppliers, click here to get set up with Shelf Engine.


Make more money and see it every week. Shelf Engine’s weekly reporting will show you exactly how much more gross profit you generated, in an easy-to-read format. No confusing dashboards or convoluted spreadsheets. Just savings where you can see it.

How much can Shelf Engine increase your profits?

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