The Grocer's Guide
to Growth

In any other industry, a 20% to 50% jump in revenue over a 12-month period would be a reason to celebrate. But in grocery retail, an industry with profit margins that hover around 1-2%, increased revenue during the pandemic is not the windfall it might seem. Store profits are still held back by rising customer expectations, manual processes, and compressed margins. With labor shortages of epic proportions compounding these challenges, where do you begin to make an impact?

This eBook outlines three key levers that work synergistically to help ease the burdens grocers are experiencing, each in service to bringing the focus of the grocery experience back to the center of it all — the customer.

"The sales guarantee on any waste is really a big part of what attracted us to Shelf Engine. To not have to worry about the financial impact of any product that's leftover really allows us to be more aggressive to go after sales and new products."

Operations Manager | Regional Grocer

Shelf Engine manages orders for the best grocery stores, including:
Full Shelves, Fresh Food, Zero Shrink
Minimize stockouts, maximize sales.
Unlike other demand planning solutions, Shelf Engine automates the entire grocery ordering process. Our unique business model increases retail sales, eliminates inventory risk, and reduces food waste — a triple win.

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