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Our mission at Shelf Engine is to reduce food waste through automation. To accomplish this, we harness the power of AI to provide real-time, intelligent forecasting for major food retailers across the country. We're a dynamic, rapidly growing team and we're looking to fill roles across our organization!
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"The nature of our work means that I can truly come to work and say that we are building something that is unreservedly good for ourselves, for our customers, and for the environment and the world, there aren't many jobs where you can say that."

Bede Jordan | Co-Founder & CTO

Shelf Engine manages orders for the best grocery stores, including:
Full Shelves, Fresh Food, Zero Shrink
Minimize stockouts, maximize sales.
Unlike other demand planning solutions, Shelf Engine automates the entire grocery ordering process. Our unique business model increases retail sales, eliminates inventory risk and reduces food waste for a triple win.
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