Optimize your orders.
A powerful prediction engine that recommends what to order everyday.

Whether you're a distributor or a grocery store, if you're struggling with waste or selling out, find out how using Shelf Engine can substantially increase your gross profits.


How Shelf Engine Works


Your data

Shelf Engine syncs with your system and automatically updates your data everyday.

Prediction engine

Our prediction engine crunches through your data.

Ideal order

Shelf Engine gives you the ideal order to maximize your profits.


transform your bottom line

Shelf Engine integrates with your systems and uses your historical data to generate the ideal order for any category.

  • Save countless human hours trying to dig through historical data to predict what to order.
  • Reduce waste and increase sales by finely tuning each SKU for each delivery.
  • Never worry that order methods change as managers change.


Once Shelf Engine is integrated, orders start generating. Your P&L will start seeing an impact immediately.


Your managers get orders generated by vendor or category.


Our team works directly with your IT department to integrate your data.

Not convinced?


Read our case study on how ten retailers increased their sales and decreased their waste to achieve a 7% increase in their profits.