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Shelf Engine simplifies how retailers order highly perishables.
Unlike an expensive bolt-on software system that promises better orders, we use intelligent forecasting to produce results. Our machine learning and proprietary, predictive models generate the most accurate orders for your stores — growing sales and margins and reducing waste and labor requirements.

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Here’s how it works...

Automated ordering

Shelf Engine's technology uses profit maximization models to automate the perfect orders — at scale — that minimize the out-of-stocks that frustrate customers and the shrink that costs you money. The result? Higher sales volume and a predictive powerhouse built to catch every possible swing in the wild world of retail.


Shelf Engine generates new probabilistic models for each unique SKU for every store, every day. We do this by ingesting data from your store’s historical and daily sales, as well as external data sets that factor for local events, news trends, weather, holidays, even school schedules. These probabilistic models are fed by vector autoregressive multivariate time series models that use a massive array of data sets, along with machine learning-based dependent models to forecast both demand and what’s on-hand in inventory with a world-class degree of accuracy.


Shelf Engine’s weekly reporting shows you exactly how much more sales and gross profits you generated in an easy-to-read format. We promise no confusing dashboards or convoluted spreadsheets. There are no technical systems to integrate or people you need to train up on our tools — just results that are easy to see and understand.

Here’s how to get started

  • Step 1: Analysis

    We review your historical data.

  • Step 2: Pilot

    Select stores to pilot.

  • Step 3: Set-up

    Set up Shelf as vendor for accounting and technical integrations.

  • Step 4: Launch

    Shelf takes over order management.

Supplier spotlight

Shelf Engine is already set up with hundreds of suppliers and distributors. We can also work with any of your current suppliers. Whether it’s DSD or self-distributed, we’ve got you covered.

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