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Will McMinn

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Meet the Shelf Engine Team

See who’s transforming the food supply chain.

Customer Experience

Adi Ramesh

Adi analyzes and manages Shelf orders—communicating with customers to resolve any changing needs they may have. Prior to Shelf, he worked in account management for an enterprise software company and explored a start-up idea to apply dynamic pricing in grocery stores while on a Fulbright exchange in Finland. Adi attended Cornell University and earned a degree in Biological Engineering with a minor in Business. He is at Shelf because he likes coupling economic incentives and software technology to reduce food waste. His favorite thing about working at Shelf is that everyone in the organization is super friendly. When he’s not making customers happy, Adi can be found playing basketball at Seattle Central College.

Grand Champion

Alex Burningham-Huber

Alex impacts Shelf's success by ensuring our customers are successful and happy with the outcomes we provide. Prior to joining Shelf, he served as an Infantry Team Leader and soldier in the United States Army, and studied History Education at the University of Utah. Alex chose to work at Shelf because of the people, and he is inspired by Shelf’s mission that not only helps our environment, but also helps bring lower costs for consumers. His favorite thing about working at Shelf is the ability to bring real change to an organization. When he isn’t at Shelf, you can find Alex flying a plane or playing ice hockey.


Ali Schweiss-Volk

Ali assists vendors with all of their accounting needs and ensures customer information is sent accurately and efficiently. Prior to joining Shelf she was a Financial Analyst at Nordstrom and worked in the Restaurant and Specialty Coffee Division for over 8 years. Ali attended Western Washington University, where she earned her degree in Art History with a minor in Fine Art. Her passion for finance, providing the best customer experience possible, and making the world a more sustainable place led her to work at Shelf. She finds our mission to be an innovative and creative way to make the world a better place for us and future generations. Her favorite thing about working at Shelf is the team environment and collaboration. When Ali isn't at Shelf, you can find her painting or baking with her two adorable little girls!

Director of Business Development & Partnerships

Amanda Sonenberg

Amanda is a sales, partnerships, and business development powerhouse. She's been in food and beverage sales and partnerships for over 20 years—helping build specialty beverage brands and changing the way people think about mass factory farming. She attended San Francisco State University and earned a BA in Theater Arts. Amanda came to Shelf for the opportunity to support the food industry in a totally different and exciting way. She also found co-founder Stefan's vision, acumen, and dedication to be a compelling and deciding factor. She is energized by the company's mission of providing a solution to a very complex challenge. Her favorite part of working at Shelf is the amazing team who show up with positive attitudes, eagerness, and constant commitment. When Amanda's not closing deals, you can find her in her garden with loved ones (two and four legged).

Customer Experience and Analyst

Andrew Smith-Jones

Andrew is in constant communication with customers, overseeing order management on the customer experience and operations side of things. He started his career as a Grocery Buyer at Full Circle. He attended the University of Redlands and earned a BS in Environmental Science, as well as an MBA with an emphasis in GIS. He joined Shelf because he wanted to combine his environmental studies and love for food to reduce food waste. Andrew's favorite thing about working at Shelf is interacting with co-workers and our customers. When Andrew is not chatting with customers, you can find him in the great outdoors exploring or on a culinary adventure in the kitchen.


Ashley Moran

Ashley is our accounts receivable expert. Before joining Shelf Engine, Ashley spent over 16 years working in the restaurant and hospitality industry and had the pleasure of working for companies like Nordstrom and Compass Group supporting their Microsoft Accounts. Ashley had the opportunity to work with Shelf while at Nordstrom, and chose to join our team because of our customer service and product. She is inspired by Shelf’s mission because she believes we could really reinvent how waste is managed. Her favorite thing about working at Shelf is the people - both at our company and the amazing vendors we work with! When Ashley isn’t at Shelf, you can find her at home relaxing with her family or reading.

Software Engineer

Augustus Lidaka

Augustus helps build the Shelf Engine product. Before joining Shelf, he spent a few years at Microsoft, left to cofund an edtech startup, and eventually moved to enablement-focused software consulting. With each career step, he has tried to make a more direct and positive impact on the world around him. Augustus majored in computer science at Grinnell College. He chose to work at Shelf because we are delivering in a space where environmental benefits are aligned with a major industry's financial incentives, which could potentially have a huge impact! Augustus is inspired by Shelf's mission because he thinks the environmental impact is awesome, and the delivery strategy is viable at scale - a rare combination. His favorite things about working at Shelf are the great team, the company's exciting current stage of growth, and our awesome core mission. When Augustus isn't at Shelf, you can find him traveling, running, climbing, or playing ultimate frisbee.

Grand Champion

Becki Berumen

Becki leads the SoCal field team, motivating them to generate the best in-store data possible to enable the data, CX, and operations teams to best serve our customers. She came to Shelf from Trader Joe’s, where she spent 11 years absorbing the strategy of one of the country’s favorite grocery stores. Becki earned her undergraduate degree in ceramics & photography from San Francisco State and her MBA at UCLA Anderson. She loves startups and grocery, and was excited to find a spot on our team! She’s inspired by the scalability of Shelf’s mission, and loves the open and friendly group of people she works with. When she isn’t at Shelf, you can find Becki going for long drives and long walks while listening to podcasts & tunes.

Co-Founder & CTO

Bede Jordan

Bede is the Co-Founder and CTO of Shelf, who leads the engineering, data science, and product teams. Fun fact: Shelf Engine is only his second job! Prior to launching Shelf, Bede worked at Microsoft as an engineer and managed engineering teams. His favorite project from his Microsoft days was working on augmented reality on the HoloLens team. Bede attended QUT in Brisbane, Australia, earning degrees in both Electrical and Software Engineering. Bede believes technology is a transformational tool able to solve the problem of food waste at scale. His favorite part about working at Shelf? The team. Bede is constantly inspired by working with such fantastically talented folks. When he isn't writing code, you can find him hiking, skiing, kayaking, or playing ultimate frisbee.

Sales Director

Ben Schmidlin

Ben connects new customers to our amazing platform, while helping grow their business in the process. Prior to joining Shelf Engine, he spent his whole career in CPG and Retail, from data and analytics, to selling to some of the world’s largest retailers on behalf of some of America’s most iconic brands. Ben earned a Bachelor’s in Marketing from the University of Dayton (Go Flyers!) and an MBA from DePaul University. He chose to join Shelf as an opportunity to help retailers grow their business in a new and inspiring way. He finds Shelf’s mission inspiring because it is having a direct impact on the amount of food wasted in retail on a daily basis. Ben’s favorite thing about working at Shelf is the smart and supportive team that’s always willing to roll up their sleeves to get the job done. When Ben isn’t connecting new customers to Shelf, you can find him hanging with his family, exploring the outdoors, and hacking around on the golf course.

Head of Customer Success

Beth Chmielowski

Beth leads the Customer Success team—getting customers up and running while making sure they achieve the results they’re looking for. Prior to joining Shelf, she built customer success and partner readiness programs at companies like Twilio and Microsoft. Beth also provided strategic consulting services to clients, including Apple, Salesforce, Autodesk, and NYSE. She has a BA in Literature, Women's Studies, and Multicultural Studies from Hampshire College, and an MA in Teaching from Seattle University. Beth joined Shelf for the opportunity to make a positive impact on the environment by transforming the food supply chain. She is inspired by the mission because it challenges the oft-held dichotomy between business and environment. Here, you can work for both; do well and do good. Her favorite aspect of working at Shelf is building a business that matters with smart, driven people that care. When Beth isn't being a customer success zealot, you can find her having long conversations with her daughters while driving them to their myriad of activities, or salsa dancing with her husband.

Software Engineer

Brendan Lee

Brendan builds products that make sense of data. Prior to Shelf, he co-founded and sold a startup in the blockchain space. He also worked as an engineer at Tableau, helping others understand data. He attended the University of Washington for both a BS and MS in Computer Science. Brendan is at Shelf because he wanted to work at fast growing start-up who was addressing climate change in the food space. He finds the mission compelling because of the work Shelf does at scale in food waste reduction and boosting customer bottom lines. His favorite part of his job is knowing every day we do things that have a tangible impact on the world. When Brendan isn't telling captivating stories with data, you can find him playing sand volleyball or at the movies.

Software Engineer

Brian Braeckel

Brian helps design and build the software that powers Shelf Engine. Web services, mobile apps, infrastructure, data analysis—he gets to play with it all. Prior to Shelf, he spent nearly a decade on a variety of teams at Microsoft including Groove Music app, Xbox, OneGuide, XMAL, Silverlight, and WPF. He studied Computer Sciences at the University of Colorado Boulder. While Brian wasn't looking for a career change when Bede and Stefan approached him about an opportunity at Shelf, it was an easy sell. In his own words, "where else can you build software that helps businesses grow while also making a positive difference for the environment?" Brian is inspired by the mission because he feels the food industry is ripe for a tech revolution, and it's exciting to be creating the software that's transforming it. His favorite part about Shelf? The people. They laugh at his legendary dad jokes convincingly enough to make him believe he is funny. Oh, and they are smart, dedicated, and driven. When Brian is not whistling while he works to reduce food waste, you can find him hiking, skiing, camping, or kayaking, or at home wiping baby formula off his shirt and convincing his cats to stop eating the zippers off of every jacket he owns. (Fun fact: Brian was Shelf's first hire!).

Sales Director

Chuck Stamaris

Chuck is in the business of helping our customers by connecting them to Shelf Engine. Before joining Shelf, he was finding solutions for the needs of retailers and distributors in the FMCP space, working in different roles over the last 10 years for CPG brands like Mezzetta & Creminelli. He has been involved in the business for over 25 years, from stocking shelves to managing national sales teams. Chuck attended Bridgewater State University in Massachusetts where he studied English with a minor in Secondary Education, and also earned his MBA from Babson College. He chose to work at Shelf because he felt right at home with the folks he interviewed with and knew it would be a place where he could contribute right away. Chuck has always had a special place in his heart for conservation and waste reduction – Shelf’s mission offers him an opportunity to use his skills to help move the needle in the right direction. His favorite thing about working at Shelf is the welcoming and talented people! When Chuck isn’t connecting with future customers, you can find him helping his wife juggle two boys under the age of 3 – and loving every minute of it!

Recruiting Coordinator

Claire Jackson

Claire works on the recruiting side of things, making sure everyone's schedule fits together nicely and ensuring the team is on the same page regarding our recruiting process. She also engages with potential candidates, making sure they are comfortable with each step of joining our great team. Prior to Shelf, she worked with the non-profit Camp Kesem, which provides free summer camp to children with a parent suffering from cancer. Additionally, she worked with the UC Davis School of Medicine on a project called the "Duration of Untreated Psychosis,” aimed at eliminating barriers in seeking medical attention for experiencing psychosis symptoms. She double majored in Psychology and Cognitive Science at UC Davis. Claire chose to work at Shelf because it aligned with her own efforts to make a difference, and she loves working with a passionate team and connecting with candidates. When she isn’t at Shelf, you can find Claire baking fresh goods or playing with her sweet pup, Cash.

Head of Operations and Finance

Deborah Alexander

Deborah is building an awesome, flexible, and focused team that ensures customers on our platform have a great experience. As a CPA, she started her career in management consulting of a big four accounting firm, which helped her realize just how much she loves building and scaling robust processes across an organization. Deborah attended Boise State University, where she earned her Master’s Degree in Accountancy. She joined Shelf for the ability to build processes from the ground up with a great group of people in a company focused on sustainability. She is inspired by Shelf’s mission because our ability to improve food sovereignty and reduce food waste along the entire value chain while improving business results is a unique offering. Her favorite thing about working at Shelf is seeing our positive impact every day. When Deborah isn’t being innovative at Shelf, you can find her discovering new ways to grow food on a houseboat.

Operations Support Specialist

Emma Ruder

Emma helps submit orders to vendors accurately and efficiently to guarantee customer success while using our platform. Prior to joining Shelf, Emma explored her passion for music in the entertainment industry in Nashville and on the West Coast, where she booked shows at a country music agency, assisted at a concert promotion company and, most recently, managed a local theater. She attended the University of California, Davis where she earned a degree in Managerial Economics. Emma chose to work at Shelf because she wanted to turn her passion for food and sustainable practices into a career. She’s inspired by Shelf’s mission because she believes our platform is a modern solution to an age-old problem. Her favorite thing about working at Shelf is that no matter the role, everyone is passionate about making an environmental impact and using creative methods to optimize our platform. When Emma isn’t at Shelf, you can find her channeling her inner potions master - crafting cocktails or fermenting something with ingredients from her garden.

Sales Director

Erion Baci

Erion is a member of Shelf Engine's small but mighty sales team. He is a serial entrepreneur that has built businesses across various industries over the past 10 years, most recently working as a sales leader specializing in grocery and retail at Ascential. Before that, he served as a sales executive at one of the fastest-growing companies in FinTech. Erion went to Central Connecticut State University where he studied Management and played NCAA D1 sports. He chose to work at Shelf because of the incredible team and inspiring mission. After spending a significant portion of his career in grocery retail, he thinks Shelf is on the mark in respect to clean data and effortless onboarding. His favorite thing about working at Shelf are the talented people and our core principles. When Erion isn't at Shelf, you can find him working with and coaching up-and-coming athletes who are either playing for the US youth national team or have professional aspirations.

Field Team Operations Specialist

Hugo Mesenbring

Hugo travels around to our different markets, supporting expansion and field team operations. Prior to Shelf, he was Field Operations Manager for Uber’s Jump Bike program in Seattle, helping launch it from the ground up. From there, he brought his operations mindset and background to the HR team at OYO, another startup in the Seattle area. Upon graduating from high school, Hugo made the decision to live and work in Germany rather than enrolling in a typical four year college. He chose to work at Shelf due to our unique mission, incredibly talented team, and opportunity to make a positive impact. His favorite thing about working at Shelf is the opportunity to travel around the country and work with fantastic people. When he’s not at Shelf, you can find Hugo cooking homemade meals and backpacking in the wilderness with friends.

Sr. Software Engineer

Hunter Pitelka

Hunter helps build out our automation and forecasting pipelines to help keep orders flowing to our customers. He has always been driven to high impact problems and domains, recently working in self-driving cars and before that, the defense and intelligence communities. Hunter earned a Computer Science degree at Carnegie Mellon. He joined Shelf because he thought we had the perfect mix - an amazing team working on an interesting and impactful problem. Hunter is inspired by Shelf’s mission, as he feels we have a huge opportunity to make a meaningful impact with the food supply chain in our communities. His favorite thing about working here is always having an opportunity to learn new things. When Hunter isn’t ensuring success for our customers, you can find him exploring the mountains.


Joe Shaw

Joe answers questions with data. Prior to Shelf, he founded a wool sock company (shop CloudLine). Joe attended Western Washington University, where he earned a degree in Physics. He is at Shelf because he believes in the mission, loves the people, and thrives on the high-energy, autonomous start-up culture. Joe is most inspired by Shelf's ability to use data to reduce food waste while also increasing profit margins for customers. His favorite thing about working at Shelf is the team, made up of driven, caring people. When Joe is not being the Sherlock Holmes of food supply chain data, you can find him wandering in the woods.

Grand Champion

Jordana Francisco

Jordana leads the field team in San Diego, CA. Before joining Shelf, Jordana was a chef for 10 years at some of the most notable restaurant groups and catering companies in San Diego, where she moved to from New Jersey. She attended Stockton University for her BA in Communications and English, and went to the San Diego Culinary Institute for her culinary degree. She joined Shelf because she was looking for a young company that she can grow with and proudly stand behind their mission. As a form chef, Shelf's mission to reduce food waste really speaks to her heart. Her favorite thing about working at Shelf is working with receptive and helpful team members who really believe in the work they are doing. When Jordana isn't at Shelf, you can find her paddle boarding the San Diego Bay, hiking, reading a book, or planning her next travel adventure.

Customer Success Manager

Kathleen Eder

Kathleen works with customers to continuously improve their experience with Shelf by growing sales and supporting them to achieve their strategic goals. Before joining Shelf, she spent her career in the food industry as a manager at Zingerman's Deli in Ann Arbor, MI, Business Director at Fran's Chocolates in Seattle, WA, and most recently as Director of Sales and Marketing at Quince, Cotogna, and Verjus in San Francisco, CA. Kathleen studied Chemical Engineering at University of Michigan, followed by a Dietetics and Human Nutrition degree from Eastern Michigan University. She chose to work at Shelf because she is excited about automating the tedious tasks of running a food business so that grocery teams can have more time to connect with customers. Kathleen has great reverence for the effort that goes into growing ingredients, transforming them into food items, and transporting them to our grocery store shelves, and thinks Shelf's mission of decreasing food waste is a sign of respect for our planet and our community. Her favorite thing about working at Shelf are her smart, committed, and caring colleagues. When Kathleen isn't at Shelf, you can find her teaching yoga, baking sourdough bread, or riding bikes.

Onboarding Specialist

Kristie Lin

Kristie serves as the first point of contact for our new clients, working efficiently to set them up in our platform to ensure a seamless launch and set them on a path to a successful, long-term partnership. Her career kicked off in the CPG/food industry doing all things marketing at Halo Top Creamery and Partake Foods. She was introduced to food technology during her time at Fooda, where she pivoted to operations and worked with data science to help local restaurants connect with corporate office employees to maximize sales while reducing food waste. She studied Communications at UCLA and studied abroad twice - Hong Kong and Italy! She chose to work at Shelf because of our unwavering commitment to food sustainability and an equitable structure that offers honest transparency and supports internal growth and employee well-being. Kristie is inspired by Shelf’s mission because she thinks it’s awesome that we are disrupting a stagnant industry and paving the way for food sustainability in our ecosystem. Her favorite thing about working at Shelf is being surrounded by such an inspiring group of driven and talented people, who are engaging and so fun to be around! When Kristie’s not at Shelf, you can find her at the pottery studio throwing ceramics, in the kitchen testing new recipes, or traveling the world.

Sr. Director of Sales

Kyle Svete

Kyle gets to blow customers' minds when he shows them what we do for their bottom line. Prior to Shelf Engine, he was on the supplier side working with retailers. He attended UC Riverside where he studied Business and Film. Kyle is at Shelf because he wanted to make a meaningful impact on the environment while improving the financial position for retailers. His favorite thing about working at Shelf is the ability to work as a team to solve problems, and not stopping until we do so. When Kyle is not blowing customers' minds, you can probably find him camping with his family.

Onboarding Specialist

Lauren Corboy

Lauren is an onboarding extraordinaire, walking new customers through the journey from kickoff to launch quickly and seamlessly. Prior to Shelf she was an Operations Director. Lauren attended a dual-Masters program at George Mason University and the University of Malta, earning two Masters in Conflict Analysis and Resolution. She chose to work at Shelf because it's a mission driven company that has a fantastic culture of cross-team collaboration, support, and drive. In Lauren's words, every day is engaging! Her favorite part of her job is it allows her to do what she's great at while fulfilling a greater mission. That, and her endlessly supportive and entertaining co-workers. When Lauren's not being a master onboarder, you can find her hiking with her husband and two dogs.

HR Business Partner

Lisa Hoagland

Lisa supports all of the awesome people that make Shelf Engine a great place to work. She attended the University of Central Florida, where she received her BS in Hospitality Management. Currently, Lisa is pursuing a Master's in HR Management. She joined Shelf because she wanted to be part of a company that is making a positive impact on the environment. Her favorite part about being at Shelf is the team's mutual trust, respect, and autonomy. When she's not doing behind-the-scenes magic at Shelf, you can find her Peloton'ing or watching horror movies.

Grand Champion

Lisa Marie Schilling

Lisa Marie is a primary lead for the field team who does product merchandising, inventory, and conducts warehouse audits. She attended Ams College and studied Accounting and Computer Programming. Lisa Marie is at Shelf because the team is great to work with, and the CEO and the CTO are amazing people! She loves the autonomy of being out in the field, and the flexibility of being able to operate remotely while still staying close to the team through video calls. Lisa Marie's favorite part about working at Shelf Engine is the growth potential she has in her role. When she's not out in the field proving how effective Shelf is, you can find her training her pet American Mini Pig Princess Matilda, spending time with her dogs, and enjoying her 15 year old's company while she can still get it!

Customer Success Manager

Malena Harrang

Malena manages mid-sized accounts to grow business for our clients in support of their financial and strategic goals. Before joining Shelf, she spent her career in customer-facing roles at mission-drive startups, helping teams from HR to higher education leverage technology to improve their work. She attended Vassar College, majoring in International Studies. Malena chose to work at Shelf for the chance to join a fast-paced team to deliver new technology to a hugely impactful space. Her favorite thing about working at Shelf is learning everyday and solving tough problems with a supportive and energized team. When she isn’t at Shelf, you can find Malena biking, running, or in the mountains skiing.

Software Engineer

Manda Brown

Manda helps build and maintain the software that enables Shelf’s mission. Before joining Shelf, she worked as a software developer in a number of different industries. A couple of her past favorite applications to build were an online math tutoring application that provided remedial practice and connected students with teachers as needed, and a system that leveraged crowdsourcing to teach self-driving cars how to see. Manda attended the Community College of Allegheny County and earned an Associate’s in Application Software Development. She chose to work at Shelf because she wanted to work with a great team that had an interesting and meaningful mission. Manda is inspired by our mission because not only does reducing food waste affect profitability of the stores we work with, but it impacts so many aspects of our communities and how we live on the planet. Her favorite things about working at Shelf are the team, mission, and the opportunity to learn new things every day! When Manda isn’t at Shelf, you can find her outside with a book, playing her fiddle, or at a contra dance.

Head of Field Operations

Mary Anito

Mary ramps up our teams by scaling operations to drive an exceptional and consistent customer experience in each new market Shelf Engine enters. Before joining Shelf, she was the VP of Operations at a wellness company and ran REI’s Seattle Distribution Center. She studied Materials Science & Engineering at Johns Hopkins and earned her MBA and MS with a focus on Operations & Mechanical Engineering at MIT. Mary chose to work at Shelf because she loves feeling like she’s helping to save the world! Once she learned what Shelf was doing, it seemed like a natural fit. She finds Shelf’s mission inspiring because technology paired with scaling operations to impact huge change is pretty easy to get behind. Her favorite part of working at Shelf is the down to Earth team that likes getting things done while being humble. When Mary isn’t saving the world at Shelf, you can find her camping with her family, playing soccer, and flipping homes with her husband.

Recruiting Coordinator

Mateo Grajales Jaramillo

Mateo recruits awesome Shelf Champions and Grand Champions, and supports the humans of Shelf Engine. Before joining Shelf, he worked as an Entertainment Coordinator for the Wizarding World of Harry Potter and as Head Baker at a local shop in Lakeland, FL. He attended the University of Central Florida, earning his BS in Fine Arts. Mateo chose to work at Shelf because he wanted to do his part in leaving the world a better place for the next generation, and thinks Shelf’s mission is the future everyone should be working towards. His favorite part of working at Shelf is being part of an amazing group of people that are actively trying to make a difference. When he isn’t at Shelf, you can find Mateo hiking or baking!

Data Scientist

Matt Richards

Matt researches and develops better ways for to predict delivery amounts for our customers. Prior to joining Shelf, he spent a couple of years at Microsoft building tools to analyze user behavior. Matt attended UC Berkeley for his BS, and University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign for his MS and PhD, all in Chemical Engineering. He is at Shelf because he's determined to do work that has a direct, positive impact on the environment; particularly in relation to the food industry. His favorite part about the company is the incredible feeling he gets knowing he is not only progressing in his field, but also contributing to a cause that's become a true passion. Matt said, "all it takes is a short conversation to realize that everyone really cares about what we're doing." When Matt is not creating smarter solutions, you can find him making an excessive quantity of sourdough goods.

Sr. Customer Success Manager

Nick Bennecke

Nick manages the health and growth of enterprise and key accounts at Shelf while building deep relationships with decisions makers to ensure continued strategic growth. Before joining Shelf Engine, he had a career centered in retail strategy with organizations like Target, Supervalu, and most recently Life Time Fitness, working in procurement, supply chain, and merchandising to ensure retail category growth for each organization and their vendor partners. Nick holds a BA in Global Business - Management Leadership from St. Johns University and an MBA from the Opus College of Business, University of Saint Thomas. He chose to work at Shelf because of our mission and focus on helping organization reduce food waste in a sophisticated way - by leveraging machine learning as a tool to help retailers maintain efficient levels of product while contributing to reduce waste in the food supply chain. His favorite part of working at Shelf is being able to help build a business with a group of intelligent people all working towards the same goal - reducing waste! When Nick isn't at Shelf, you can find him on the golf course or on adventures with his wife and French bulldog.

Grand Champion

Paul Quiroga

Paul trains the field team, guiding them to connect and interact with customers. Before join Shelf, he had multiple careers including restaurant management, carpentry, and building services. Paul attended Solano College and studied Communications. He joined Shelf because he was excited to help humanity by using technology as a tool to reduce food waste. His favorite thing about working at Shelf is the people; everyone is down-to-earth and has a great attitude. When Paul is not leading Northern California's field team, you can find him reading a book.

Senior Customer Success Manager

Renee Chiang

Renee manages enterprise accounts, growing business for our clients in support of their financial and strategic goals. Her career started in consulting at Deloitte for the technology and telecom industries. Renee attended the University of Washington, where she earned a degree in Accounting. She came to Shelf because she wanted to find meaningful work where she could merge her personal passion for food with her professional interests in technology and business. Renee is inspired by Shelf's mission of harnessing machine learning to drive improvements for our clients, the environment, and the food supply chain. The best part about working at Shelf? The level of autonomy she is granted to be curious in search of impactful solutions and creative growth for our customers. When she's not finding the next brilliant solution, you can find her traveling around the world in search of the best eats!

Data Scientist

Rishi Sriram

Rishi works on Shelf's forecasting system to help determine the perfect quantity of food to send to a grocer. Before joining Shelf, he worked as a Data Scientist in the consumer retail space. Rishi went to the University of Chicago, majoring in Math and Economics. He joined Shelf because he wanted to work at a small, rapidly evolving startup where he could have more impact on the end customer. Rishi believes in Shelf's mission, and hopes to one day find ways to divert food from being wasted to feeding those in need. His favorite thing about working here is that solutions are only limited by your creativity and pace. When he's not making the perfect order, you can find Rishi playing tennis on different courts around Seattle.

Content Marketing Manager

Rose Krivich

Rose is our awesome Content Marketing Manager. Prior to joining the team, she was Senior Content Marketing Specialist for Fierce Conversations and Web Content Manager at Starbucks. She has more than 10 years of storytelling, behavioral analysis, and content strategy experience. She attended Bowling Green State University where she studied journalism and minored in political science. Rose chose to work at Shelf because she wants to create content that inspires real change and makes a positive impact in the world, and she loves how innovative, creative, and dedicated our mission is to creating a world without waste. Her favorite part about working at Shelf is playing a role in improving our planet for all living things. When she’s not at Shelf, you can find Rose hiking in a forest with her husband and rambunctious rat terrier.

Head of Growth

Ryan Conti

Ryan does whatever will help Shelf Engine run smoother, grow faster, and operate more efficiently. Prior to joining Shelf, he was in Sales Strategy and Operations at Fundera, and did Model Risk Analytics at M&T Bank. Ryan has a BS in Philosophy and Economics from Amherst College. He joined the Shelf team because of the unique opportunity to build a truly exceptional business that is unambiguously good for the world we live in. Ryan believes the incentives of Shelf's double bottom-line are perfectly aligned since our fiscal performance hinges on our ability to minimize food waste in the supply chain. His favorite part about working at Shelf is getting to solve really challenging and unique problems, and having the agency and autonomy to explore bold, creative solutions. When Ryan isn't innovating, you can find him waterskiing, hiking, or when it gets too wet outside—in his makeshift woodshop. (Fun fact: Ryan was a Green Bay Packers ball boy!).

Grand Champion

Russell Harris

Russell acts as a liaison between the field team, delivery drivers, and store managers, collecting data in Minnesota for the home office in Seattle. Prior to joining the team, he was a flying trapeze instructor. Russell was interested in Shelf because it's a flexible opportunity that allowed him to continue teaching circus arts on the side and support his growing family. His favorite part about Shelf is the hardworking and heartwarming culture. He really gets the feeling that everyone is working together to get quality data collected to help the forecasting program. When Russell isn't juggling field team liaison duties, he's working with his wife to grow their family and life together.

Head of Marketing

Salar Salahshoor

Salar works to ensure that the Shelf Engine brand effectively connects with all stakeholders to generate good will for the company and demand for our solutions in order to further our mission to reduce food waste through automation. He started his career as a financial analyst at, but quickly fell in love with digital marketing and growth hacking. Salar was the founder and CEO of a digital marketing agency that he successfully grew over 6 years and sold to Disruptive Advertising in 2016. Prior to joining Shelf, he was the VP of Strategy & Growth at a publicly-traded business process automation company where he managed the global and inside sales functions. He is a graduate of Seattle University where he studied finance and economics. Salar chose to work at Shelf because he gravitates toward mission-driven businesses. He is inspired by our mission because he believes waste is not only harmful to profits, but also to the environment and our society; Shelf is a triple bottom line business on a mission to eliminate food waste. His favorite thing about working at Shelf is collaborating with super smart people to solve meaningful problems in an environment that promotes trust and autonomy. When Salar isn’t at Shelf, you can find him in scuba gear exploring the oceans.


Sam Comfort

Sam makes sure debits match credits, and customers pay on time. Before working at Shelf, Sam was a tax consultant at a big four accounting firm. He graduated from Gonzaga University with a BBA in Accounting and a Master of Science in Taxation, or as he likes to put it, "with probably one of the nerdiest degrees you can imagine." Sam is at Shelf because he wanted to get in on the ground floor of a company set to change the world. He is inspired by the mission of optimizing the food supply chain and making a positive impact on the environment. Sam's favorite part about being at Shelf is the incredibly talented team, which challenges him to grow every day. When Sam isn't nerding out over numbers, you can find him playing guitar or at happy hour with his wife.

Software Engineer

Samm Desmond

Samm, quite simply, builds software. His past experience includes Staff Engineer at Tableau Software and co-founding Nodesmith with Brendan (who also works at Shelf Engine now). Samm went to the University of Wisconsin, majoring in Computer Science, Physics, and Math. He is at Shelf because it was the rare situation where the initiatives of a for-profit company actually align with a cause he's excited about. His favorite part about Shelf is the autonomy he and the team have to solve the problems in the best way they see fit, and he likes that he gets to see said solutions in practice right away. When Samm isn't building a better food supply chain, you can find him wishing he could travel right now, or more likely walking his dog.

Head of Recruiting

Sasha Martin

Sasha leads Shelf's talent acquisition efforts. This includes the development of a recruiting strategy for each of our teams, finding the best candidates for our open positions, guiding both the candidates and our interview teams through the interview process, and everything in between, all with a goal to build a highly-productive and diverse team we're all proud to be a part of. Prior to Shelf, Sasha spent a decade in Recruiting with roles ranging across multiple industries. She loves helping start-ups grow to be well-established companies that people want to be a part of. Sasha went to Komenius University in her home town of Bratislava, Slovakia, and studied Sports Psychology and Sports Medicine. She joined Shelf because she was inspired by the mission of the company and the values embraced by the co-founders and the leadership team. She believes Shelf is a mission-driven company that recognizes the individuals who are contributing to its success - we're all in this together. Her favorite thing about Shelf is the smart, kind, inclusive, humble and friendly people. When she's not finding talented new additions to the team, you can find Sasha running around her neighborhood with her little dog, Buddy, and baking sweet treats for friends!

Data Scientist

Seungjin Baek

Seungjin does the R&D on demand forecasting and profit maximization. Before coming to Shelf, he was an environmental scientist and engineer who co-authored three patents in flood protection and warning systems using numerical model and data-driven tools. Seungjin studied Environmental Fluid Mechanics at UC Berkeley (PhD) and went to Yonsei University in Seoul for his undergraduate degree. He is inspired by Shelf's mission because as a former environmental engineer, preserving nature and promoting environmental resilience has been one of his top priorities. Seungjin's favorite part of Shelf is the people. When he's not taking a bite out of food waste, you can find him at Marymoor Park in the off-leash dog zone.

Head of Data Science

Shawn Ramirez

Shawn leads and grows the data science team to drive profit and reduce waste. Prior to joining Shelf, she was Head of Data Science and Engineering at a data science bootcamp, where she led spring development of data products, models, and analyses for external customers. Before that, she was a political science professor researching terrorism and high stakes negotiations. Shawn attended Boston University and the University of Rochester where she studied political science. She chose to work at Shelf because she wants to use her data and leadership skills for good, and loves that our mission of reducing waste has so many secondary long term impacts on hunger, poverty, and climate. Her favorite thing about working at Shelf is the team! When she isn’t at Shelf, you can find Shawn cooking, cycling, painting, or playing with her two beautiful children.

Director of New Markets and Expansion

Sommer Ueda

Sommer guides our retailers and vendors through launch and expansion. In its early stages, she was instrumental in developing and building the Shelf Champion team. Sommer has 20 years experience with food and beverage, including grocery, food service, management, and partnership development. Sommer attended the University of Washington and studied Art History. She says working at Shelf has been a wonderful opportunity to grow with a company and provide a service she personally believes in - reducing food waste. Her favorite thing about Shelf is the people! When Sommer is not racking up air miles for Shelf, you can find her skateboarding or paddle-boarding at the beach with her husband and dog.

Co-Founder & CEO

Stefan Kalb

Stefan is the Co-Founder and CEO who leads the talented Shelf Engine team. Stefan started his career in the food industry in 2009 when he founded Molly’s, a grab & go food company. While growing Molly's to over 400 regional retail locations, he discovered the problem of food waste first hand. Hungry for a better solution, Stefan co-founded Shelf Engine in 2016. He studied Actuarial Science and got a degree in Mathematics and Economics from Western Washington University. Stefan feels most inspired at Shelf when he gets to witness the numbers reflecting a reduction in waste and the immediate positive impact that has on customers. His favorite thing about working at Shelf is the team's tireless ability to innovate at warp speeds. When Stefan isn't making it happen at Shelf, you can find him with his wife hunting for fresh tracks, on WhatsApp catching up with his family in France, or baking bread at 2am.

Product Manager

Steph Brill

Steph helps build customer-focused products from concept to reality. Before she joined Shelf, she was an engineer at Boeing NeXt, building the future of aerospace and mobility. Steph attended the University of Southern California (Fight On!) where she studied Industrial & Systems Engineering. She chose to work at Shelf because she gets to geek out about two of her passions: combating food waste and emerging technologies! Steph is inspired by Shelf’s mission because we are a company that cares about its impact on the world and we embed this deep into our mission. Her favorite thing about working at Shelf is being surrounded by people who are smart, welcoming, and driven. When Steph isn’t at Shelf, you can probably find her on a flight that she impulse-booked one day prior.

Customer Experience Analyst

Stephanie Ellis

Stephanie works as a Customer Experience Analyst at Shelf. Before joining the team, she was a Mechanical Engineer, and attended Seattle Pacific University, earning her BS in Mechanical Engineering. She chose to work at Shelf because she is passionate about waste mitigation around the world and was excited to see Shelf Engine as a company leveraging technology to combat this ever growing problem. Her favorite thing about working at Shelf is coming to work with people who share a mission bigger than themselves. When she isn’t at Shelf, you can find Stephanie surfing or snowboarding in the PNW!

Software Engineer

Tien Han

Tien builds features that help increase efficiency for the operations team. Prior to Shelf, Tien worked as an accountant at a tech firm, manually creating POs and then re-creating them in the accounting system (a process that took up 4+ hours a week). Her love for development started there, when she had the opportunity to build an API bridging these two systems. This turned a 4+ hour manual task into an automated process. Tien went to San Jose State University, earning a BS in Accounting and Hackbright Academy for Software Engineering. She says there were many reasons she joined Shelf, but the one that won her over was the culture, saying 'Shelfies' are smart, quick to help and teach, passionate, and overall amazing people to work with. Tien also says the place is over-flowing with opportunity—so much to learn from the brightest and kindest. Her favorite part about his job is getting to solve interesting problems that help to transform the food supply chain. When Tien isn't learning something new everyday at Shelf, you can find her enjoying a leisurely hike, reading through sci-fi & fantasy books, gaming with friends, cross stitching, or annoying her cats.

Customer Experience & Analyst

Will McMinn

Will helps manage the relationship between the customer and Shelf Engine. Prior to joining Shelf, he worked for a nation-wide frozen foods manufacturer and attended the University of Washington's Foster School of Business, majoring in Human Resources and Operations and Supply Chain Management. Will was excited to work for a mission-driven organization with the opportunity to make a massive impact on the food supply chain's environmental footprint. His favorite thing about working at Shelf is that everyone is on board with the mission. When he is not making customers happy, you can find him skiing or backpacking.

Junior Analyst

Yusing Chan

Yusing solves challenges by analyzing existing conditions to provide insights and strategic solutions. Before joining Shelf, she was a project designer and managed multiple flagship projects for retail clients in New York City and Vancouver, and worked as a data fellow where she provided data-driven solutions for social good. Yusing earned her Bachelor of Architecture at the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. She chose to work at Shelf because it allows her passion for sustainability and problem-solving to come together and make a positive impact on both the planet and people’s everyday lives. She enjoys working with like-minded people in a diverse environment, the energy of a fast-growing company, and autonomy to investigate and implement the best solutions. When she isn’t at Shelf, you can find Yusing reading, writing, hiking, trying our new recipes, and making time-lapse videos.

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