The Hidden Shrink Problem
Ruining Grocer Profits

There is a hidden disaster impeding financial performance within the grocery industry: severely miscalculated shrink data. Grocers frequently calculate their shrink rate below 15%, but true rates are often much higher — up to 40% in some cases, and far more common than many grocers realize.

An internal analysis of Shelf Engine’s customer data uncovered that shrink discrepancies were found to occur more than 75% of the time for both large and small grocers.

This white paper reveals three ways grocers can track shrink and describes a holistic solution that has an immediate, positive impact on profitability.

"The sales guarantee on any waste is really a big part of what attracted us to Shelf Engine. To not have to worry about the financial impact of any product that's leftover really allows us to be more aggressive to go after sales and new products."

Operations Manager | Regional Grocer

Shelf Engine manages orders for the best grocery stores, including:
Grow your sales and profits
Sell more. Waste less.
Shelf Engine intelligent forecasting uses your store’s daily sales data, along with real-world considerations like local events, holidays, and weather, to generate perfect orders for every product, every day.

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