How Grocers Are Combating
Runaway Inflation

A perfect storm of labor shortages, rising commodity prices, and supply chain disruptions have led to the highest rate of grocery food inflation in decades. Even the retailers who’ve held back price hikes may be forced to reconsider their approach. Yet grocers have options to help them face inflation.

This white paper explores the hidden lever to help retailers combat rising food costs, far beyond the predictable methods of cost-cutting and reducing low-value work that drive only incremental value.

“Not only has Shelf Engine had an incredible impact on our sales, but these benefits have extended far beyond our shelves. With less time spent on forecasting and inventory planning, we’re able to spend more time focused on what matters most: our customers.”

Director of Purchasing | Regional Grocer

Shelf Engine manages orders for the best grocery stores, including:
Full Shelves, Fresh Food, Zero Shrink
Minimize stockouts, maximize sales.
Unlike other demand planning solutions, Shelf Engine automates the entire grocery ordering process. Our unique business model increases retail sales, eliminates inventory risk, and reduces food waste — a triple win.

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