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Grocery Business Today

Rising interest rates, soaring inflation, and plummeting consumer confidence, all in combination with persistent supply chain disruptions, suggest we are headed toward stagflation—and potentially a recession, economists predict. 

As consumers react to these economic forces, grocery retailers face the possibility of a decline in sales—a cause for concern in an industry with razor-thin margins. To hold onto market share, grocery retailers will need to keep base prices competitive and quality high, which will require strategies to expand margins beyond where they are today… 

This white paper reveals the five keys to success that the top 20% of retailers harnessed in the last major downturn, plus the hidden lever to help retailers triumph over today’s economic rollercoaster.

“Not only has Shelf Engine had an incredible impact on our sales, but these benefits have extended far beyond our shelves. With less time spent on forecasting and inventory planning, we’re able to spend more time focused on what matters most: our customers.”

Director of Purchasing | Regional Grocer

Shelf Engine manages orders for the best grocery stores, including:
Grow your sales and profits
Sell more. Waste less.
Shelf Engine intelligent forecasting uses your store’s daily sales data, along with real-world considerations like local events, holidays, and weather, to generate perfect orders for every product, every day.

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