Relief for Grocers in a Labor Crunch

Even prior to today’s labor struggle, grocers were operating at a net 1-3% margin. Rising labor costs have eaten into these already thin margins, yet retailers know that their labor force is a key enabler of the customer experience that builds loyalty. During this national labor shortage, retailers are asking a critical question: Can we retain these valuable employees and still operate profitably?

This eBook highlights three ways intelligent order automation is easing labor burdens in retail grocery, amplifying the impact of a lean workforce, and giving store employees more time to assist shoppers.


“Orders are due by 10 am, so the first thing I do when I arrive is to look at the case and write the order. It’s really stressful since I can have huge sales one week and a lot of shrink the next. This program is a relief.”

Store Employee | National Grocer

Shelf Engine manages orders for the best grocery stores, including:
Full Shelves, Fresh Food, Zero Shrink
Minimize stockouts, maximize sales.
Unlike other demand planning solutions, Shelf Engine automates the entire grocery ordering process. Our unique business model increases retail sales, eliminates inventory risk, and reduces food waste — a triple win.

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