The Aisle Ahead: Shelf Engine Grocery Outlook

Grocers are facing a plethora of challenges on all fronts, from inflation to consumer confidence to persistent labor shortages. What impact will those have on the industry in 2023? How will retailers react to these issues? What strategies will evolve as the year progresses?

In this report, our experts envision the biggest trends that will disrupt grocery. Top executives and advisors predict developments in areas including shifting shopper behaviors, ways retailers will differentiate themselves, and technology advances.

"To not have to worry about the financial impact of any product that's leftover really allows us to be more aggressive to go after sales and new products."

Operations Manager | Regional Grocer

Shelf Engine manages orders for the best food retailers, including:
Grow your sales and profits
Sell more. Waste less.
Shelf Engine intelligent forecasting uses your store’s daily sales data, along with real-world considerations like local events, holidays, and weather, to generate perfect orders for every product, every day.

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