Stefan Kalb

Stefan Kalb

Stefan is the Co-Founder and CEO who leads the talented Shelf Engine team. Stefan started his career in the food industry in 2009 when he founded Molly’s, a grab & go food company. While growing Molly's to over 400 regional retail locations Stefan discovered the problem of food waste first hand. Hungry for a better solution, he co-founded Shelf Engine in 2016. Stefan studied Actuarial Science and earned a degree in Mathematics and Economics from Western Washington University. Stefan feels most inspired at Shelf when he gets to witness numbers reflecting a reduction in food waste and see the immediate, positive impact that has on customers. His favorite thing about working at Shelf is the team's tireless ability to innovate at warp speeds. When Stefan isn't making it happen at Shelf, you can find him with his wife hunting for fresh tracks, on WhatsApp catching up with his family in France, or baking bread at 2 am.

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